With millions of Jeep accessories on the market, it’s rare to come across something new, unique, and actually useful! While planning for my Epic Adventure, across Michigan’s Upper penninsula, I was trying to find ways to save space, or make use of the space I had rather, and only take useful items.

I was browsing Instagram, when I came across the Tailgater Tire Table. While this table isn’t just for Jeeps, it fit the mold of the exact sort of things I needed on my adventure. I already had a table on the inside of my tailgate, but it is almost too small to fit my stove, and has too big of holes to make make meal prep easy. I have a fold up picnic table, which works great for eating, but not so good for cooking. I decided to give the Tailgater a try. It ended up being one of the most used items on our trip.

Table in closed position

The concept is simple. It’s a table, that hangs off my tire. The design, is genious. Simple and easy setup. Very easy to use and way more stable and strong than I had imagined. It clearly states to not sit or stand on it (which I obeyd), but it feels sturdy enough to support a good amount of weight.

A couple of the things I liked the best about the Tailgater Tire Table, was how it folds nearly flat which makes it easily stowable. The support bars all flip/store in the table itself, meaning no extra bags or anything floating around. It takes under a minute to set up, and seconds to move it from tire to tire. The table top is HUGE! It measures 23″ W x 29″ L x 1.5″ thick. You can easily have a place setting for two people and still have room for food, or when cooking, we were able to have myself cooking on one side, and my fiance prepping stuff on the other!

The only things I found that I think could use a little improvement is the two little vertical support bars tend to rattle a bit when it is stored. Honestly, since almost everything else in my Jeep rattles, it’s really not a huge inconvience or anything that would stop me from using it. ¬†One other thing I noticed (no fault of the table) is when usin my annex for my roof top tent, the table would not fit on the same side, so I had to switch the table to the passenger side. In doing so, I realized how versatile it is.

After using the table in a real life situation, over the course of 6 days, prepping and eating numerous meals off of it, I have to say, the Tailgater is staying in my Jeep on a full time basis. I have so many ideas for it, from cleaning wild game (I am also an avid hunter) to setting tools while I am working on the Jeep (keep from scratching fenders). The possabilites keep coming to me!

Priced around $140, this is an awesome and useful addition to any overlander, or honestly anyone who spends time outside with their vehicle!

You can purchase the Tailgater Tire Table by visiting http://www.tailgatertiretable.com/