In January, I started planning a 6 day, overland trip to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. I started as early as I could, because I had to do some work to my Jeep, buy some camping things I didn’t have, make maps, and meals, and ….the list goes on. Well, now that the trip is only days away, and I am SO glad, that I took the time to plan ahead as much as possible.

I have made lists. I have made lists for my lists. I have double checked, rearranged, changed, and deleted them, to get the perfect camp list. I actually found a great app for making camping lists, which I will review in another article. The only things I have left is to finish packing and buy/prep our meals, but it seems like every other day, I think of something else that I forgot.

Watch the website, for a full write up of the trip, with info & tons of pictures. I will also be doing some reviews on products in the near future, all of which are going to be used while on the trip! The level of excitement I have for this trip is unimaginable! It is going to be epic!