Discover Our Story

Our journey started the first time we got in the Jeep, drove to nowhere, and camped off the grid. It grew into a passion and obsession. Over time, I decided I wanted to build a trailer to haul gear and our roof top tent. After seeing the very limited selection of parts available, and not having the budget to buy a $15K trailer, I decided to put my fab skills to work to build my perfect overland trailer. This got me thinking…how many other people out there were in the same spot. I don’t feel someone who wants to go overlanding should be limited by their budget. so I decided to start building parts for people, just like me, that want to build their own trailer but maybe don’t have the time, tools, or skillset needed for the fine details. 

Built With Pride

We don’t build products we wouldn’t use ourselves. We take the utmost pride to assure our products will work great and hold up for you on your journeys. We aren’t just builders. We live for Jeeps and over landing!